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Our on-demand training allows you to upgrade your tow skills wherever and whenever you want. Watch how-to videos and complete courses that will help you work smarter, faster and safer.


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Get convenient online access to learning with this ever-expanding towing and recovery library. Online video tutorials take you on-scene with our instructors to demonstrate WreckMaster's unique time saving and safety oriented methods for everything from single lane uprighting a car to top rolling a cement mixer. Online lessons and quizzes teach tools, tips and techniques on a range of topics, from transporting a motorcycle to responding to a call for a hybrid vehicle. Learn anytime...from anywhere!


WreckMaster built its worldwide reputation for towing and recovery training on its leveled courses, which are still offered in-person across North America. Now we've combined this high quality curriculum with online convenience, taking you topic by topic through course content that includes videos, illustrations, written material and pop quizzes. Pass the course quiz and download your certificate of completion. Then, prove you've got what it takes by challenging our online certification exams (sold separately).


We've separated training from certification, which means if you can challenge the online exam for any WreckMaster without taking the corresponding training. We use a verified testing process that gives greater confidence to employers, insurers, those who issue towing contracts and customers that you (and your crew) know their stuff. Certifications are valid for 3 years. When your certification is close to expiring, level up or recertify at your current level with one of our online recertification exams.

Most popular online training



In WreckMaster’s hybrid awareness tutorial, you’ll learn the dos, don’ts and myths about these vehicles. How does the technology work? Where are the components? What built-in safety measures are there? We cover how to safely jump start, tow and recover a hybrid under different circumstances, including shutting down the high voltage system and checking for current.


Single-lane uprighting a tractor-trailer video

Watch step by step as the WreckMaster team uses straps (and WreckMaster’s “Christmas wrap” technique) to upright the 18-wheeler using three lines, all while staying within the working load limit of their rigging. You’ll learn how to prestage your wrecker, the differences between front and rear strap hookups, how to secure your chain, and how to use a control vehicle to soften the landing. Practice these techniques and you can tell law enforcement they only need to shut the road for 60 seconds!



Become a light duty tow pro with this course. A mix of videos, illustrations and written content cover all the bases: traffic incident management; rigging; calculating resistance; calculating towing capacity; and winching and securing. Pass the quiz at the end of the course to earn your certificate of completion. This course is an excellent way to prepare for your Level 2/3 Fundamentals certification exam.

4 Reasons Why Online Training Might Be A Good Fit For You:


    Every training resource we develop is designed to improve the safety and professionalism of the towing industry. From quick tips and techniques to full courses, refresh your skills and prove your worth to the people that matter.


    Towing can be a 24/7 career. Online training allows you to fit a course, tutorial or certification into your jam-packed schedule.


    Learn at home, at the shop or even in your truck—you get to choose your learning environment. As long as you have internet access you're good to go!


    There's no need to drive or fly to attend an in-person training course—get the wisdom of WreckMaster's instructors packaged for convenience and cost savings. You can also save money with a monthly subscription to the tutorial library. If you're a tow company owner, you can join WreckMaster's free partner program and buy tutorial subscriptions for your team members at a discount.

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