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Things are about to get a little heavy.?In this training video, WreckMaster co-founder Donnie Cruse and lead instructor Terry Humelsine receive a special gift: a 36,000 lb tractor-trailer laying on its side.

Details: Watch step by step as the WreckMaster team uses straps (and WreckMaster?s ?Christmas wrap? technique) to upright the 18-wheeler using three lines, all while staying within the working load limit of their rigging. You?ll learn how to prestage your wrecker, the differences between front and rear strap hookups, how to secure your chain, and how to use a control vehicle to soften the landing. Practice these techniques and you can tell law enforcement they only need to shut the road for 60 seconds!

Designed for:?If you’ve been doing heavy duty recoveries but have never attended a WreckMaster hands-on course, this video is an excellent introduction to the WreckMaster approach. It’s also a great way for operators with light and medium duty recovery experience to get a taste of some heavy duty recovery techniques. To extend your learning, watch the companion video “Heavy duty walkaround” and tag along while?Donnie and Terry survey the casualty and plan the recovery of this 18-wheeler.

Video length: 20 minutes

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