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Just how much can you learn in 30 minutes? You’re about to find out! This training video is chock full of tips and tricks to increase your confidence, decrease the time it takes to complete the job and keep your equipment, the customer?s property and people at the scene safe.

Details: This jam-packed half hour starts with the simple recovery of a car that was driven into a ditch and ends with the single-lane uprighting of a car that has flipped on its roof. In between, you?ll see a perpendicular recovery of a casualty from a ditch using two trucks; a parallel recovery of a casualty from a ditch using a twin-line truck; the recovery of a large truck from a ditch; a vertical lift of a car off an object; and the recovery of a vehicle that?s wedged between two others at the front and back.

Designed for:?An excellent training video for the novice operator and a good refresher for the more seasoned operator who has never taken a WreckMaster in-person course.

Video length: 34 minutes

Get started:?Once you?ve purchased the training video, you?ll be sent an email with a link to the online version.

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