Level 2/3: Fundamentals


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23 FUNDAMENTALS NEW & IMPROVED from Wreckmaster on Vimeo.

Wreckmaster’s Level 2/3 Fundamentals course will help you become a light duty towing and recovery pro. Pass the quiz at the end of the course to earn a certificate of completion.

Details: Course materials focus on light-duty vehicles, with some techniques for medium and heavy duty work. Topics include traffic incident management; rigging; calculating resistance; calculating towing capacity; and winching and securing. 

Who should take it: This online course is perfect for tow operators with some experience who would like to learn to work more safely and efficiently. Experienced tow operators looking to confirm their existing practices and pick up some tips will also benefit. This course is an excellent way to prepare for your Level 2/3 Fundamentals certification exam (purchased separately).

Format: Videos, diagrams and written lessons

Lessons: 4

Quiz: 7 questions

Estimated completion time: 8 hours

Get started: Once you’ve purchased the online course, you’ll be sent an email with instructions and a link to the course.

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