Level 1: Essentials with Certification


Level 1: Essentials

The WreckMaster Level 1: Essentials program was created to take industry newcomers and turn them into safe and competent light-duty towers. Designed by our industry-leading instructors, this entry-level program is the perfect tool for those looking to get into the towing industry or for companies looking for a training process for new hires.
Topics include SCENE, equipment overview, light-duty hookup, carrier hookup, advanced light-duty techniques.

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Level 1: Certification

Online exam

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Wreckmaster’s Level 1 Essentials course covers the most important topics for the training of a novice tow operator or other team member, with an emphasis on safety and proper execution. Those who take the course from start to finish will earn a certificate of completion.

Details: Topics covered in this online course include dispatching procedures; tips for handling stress; risk assessment and incident management; best practices for taking photos; how to complete basic service calls; light-duty techniques; and an introduction to some more complex situations. This bundle includes the Level 1: Essentials training program and the Proctored Certification exam.

Who should take it: This course is perfect for new tow operators who want to quickly learn essential skills. It’s also helpful for tow operators with some experience who want to make sure they’ve learned to perform basic techniques the right way. Other team members, such as dispatchers, will receive essential customer service tips and information to better understand the requirements of a tow operator’s job. 

Format: Videos, diagrams and written lessons

Sections: 10

Quizzes: A “knowledge check” follows each section

Exam: Following completion of the Level 1: Essentials course, students will take a 40-question proctored certification exam.

Get started: Once you’ve purchased the online course, you’ll be sent an email with instructions.

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