Car Carrier Basics: Loading and Unloading


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A strong foundation is where it all starts.?Learn tips and tricks for performing a basic transport right the first time, every time in a way that keeps people and property (including yours!) safe.

Details: First, you?ll learn the fundamentals of the WreckMaster discipline, including our five-point guide for doing any tow or recovery right the first time. Then, we?ll walk you through how to safely and efficiently load, secure and unload a passenger vehicle, protecting yourself, your equipment and the casualty. In the third lesson we cover techniques for managing difficult circumstances, such as casualties with damaged suspensions, low profiles, and locked or missing wheels.

Who should take it:?WreckMaster’s car carrier basics course is an excellent entry-level course for the novice operator and a good refresher for the more seasoned operator who has never taken a WreckMaster in-person course.

Format: Video


Quiz:?15 questions

Estimated completion time: 30 minutes

Get started:?Once you?ve purchased the car carrier basics course, you?ll be sent an email with instructions and a link to the course.

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